How to Prepare your Home for Sale

The first thing a buyer sees is the outside of your home. If looks untidy they will automatically assume that the inside is the same. Take some time to tidy the garden, trim the borders, sweep the drive, add some flower pots or hanging baskets and, if it needs it, even paint the front door. It is vital to create the right first impression and a tidy looking house will attract more viewings giving you more choices and hopefully a higher price.

The standard of decoration is always a consideration so walk through your property with a critical eye. Over time paint work becomes marked especially around light switches and on stairs with no wall rail. Check that all lights have working bulbs, the windows are clean both inside and out, there’s no dripping tap or broken fencing and that the curtains are put up properly.

A kitchen is often the engine room of a home where walls and tiles are subject to a greater amount of wear and tear. Before you go ripping it all out, try painting the walls, re-grouting the tiles, deep-cleaning cupboard fronts and surfaces, you may be surprised what an effect this has (and it could save you thousands of pounds!). If you are considering replacing the kitchen before you sell, please talk to us first so that we can help you assess the viability, cost and benefit.

The bathroom is another key area. It should be clean and fresh, with no water marks or lime scale encrusted taps. Replacing a window blind or shower head & hose can have a huge impact. The suite should be well sealed and the tiles clean and grouted. Clear away the toiletries, fold the towels and put the loo seat down!

De-clutter! It’s the phrase most sellers dread, but it doesn’t have to be painful! A large proportion of buyers are moving to gain more ‘space’, so show it off to them, don’t hide it! Make sure smaller or narrower areas such as the hallway, stairs and landing are free from clutter, especially at floor and eye level. A tidy room presents much better than an untidy one so clear away the kids’ toys, put the dog basket in the garage, take down the birthday cards (temporarily) and put the dishes away.

Another important factor for many purchasers is the outside space your home has to offer. Patios and decking should be moss free and clean, the lawn well cut and the borders weeded. If you have a garage, try and keep it in order (although we know this is not always easy!) In autumn months you may need to sweep up leaves and cut back summer growth.

Always remember you are selling in a competitive environment. Your house must stand out more to your buyer than any other property for sale at the time. If you would like any help or advice concerning your home specifically, please call us on 01244 318777 or e-mail and we will be happy to pop out and see you.